Quebec City, the capital of the Quebec province of Canada, was our first stop after leaving Montreal.  
Although the British defeated the French in 1759 and established British control of Canada in 1763,
Quebec remains predominantly French in language and culture.  Quebec City (the Old Town) is one of
the oldest, and the only walled city in North America.  
Leaving Montreal
Shipboard Band -- Great Entertainment
We joined a tour of the Quebec countryside on our first day.  Fall colors were in full display.  Our destinations
(by bus) were the Montmorency Falls Park and a "sugar shack" where maple syrup is produced.
The Montmorency Falls are 272 feet high (1 1/2 times
higher than Niagra Falls).
The maple syrup production process is surprisingly
simple; extract "sugar water" from a maple tree and heat
it to produce a concentrated syrup. The complication is
that a tree only begins to produce sugar water at 50
years and continues to produce until the tree is 200
years old.  You don't plant trees; you buy existing maple
tree "forests" and hope your family has a
multigenerational interest in the business
The second day was devoted to walking
through the picturesque Quebec City on our
own.  Unfortunately, my cold symptoms
peaked and I stayed on the ship. Maybe I can
use some of Ken's pictures to fill in.
Quebec City -- our ship, The Quest, is on the right
We sailed overnight to the Saguenay Fjord,
still in Quebec Province. Click
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