We stayed three nights at a small boutique hotel, the Casablanca, near Times Square.  The relatively attractive
rate included breakfast and a happy hour, which also extended to friends who were not staying at the hotel
(e.g., the Jonkers).  During a free day on Friday, before the Jonkers' arrival, we walked to and along the H
Park, which used to be a raised rail track.  It was a long, cold walk which would have been more pleasant
on a sunny day.  Finally escaping, we visited the Chelsea Market, which is a very interesting collection of shops
and restaurants.  After a refreshing lunch, we managed to get UBER to take us back to our hotel, about 2
miles away.  That night and the next night when the Jonkers arrived, we had dinner at a classic family style
Italian restaurant (Tony's) -- lots of good food and noise.  The next day we took the subway to the 9/11
Memorial.  The Memorial is very well done and undeniably an emotitonal experience.
New York
This is the South Tower Memorial, the nearby North Tower
Memorial is identical.  Both occupy smaller footprints than the
original towers.  Each one includes the names of all those
(employees and emergency responders) who died in the
attacks,  Friends of the Jonkers lost two of their sons (Keith
Coleman and his brother) who worked for Cantor Fitzgerald, the
firm that lost over 600 employees who occupied offices above
the fire and could not escape,
The 9/11 Museum contains extensive exhibits
and films showing the attacks, the resulting
damage to the towers structures, and
tributes to the almost 3000 individuals who
perished on that day.
These steel posts were destroyd by airplane
impact. Many structural components melted in
the extreme heat.

In the 17 years since the 9/11 attacks, the Memorials and Museum have been built and visited by 10s of
thousands from all over the world.  The area has also seen substantial new construction activity. Our next stop
was lunch at a massive shopping and restaurant complex near the Memorial.

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