After lunch we walked to Battery
Park at the Southern tip of
Manhattan by way of Wall Street.  
Although closed on Saturday, the
area was crowded with tourists.

On the right is the New York Stock
Exchange and below is the iconic
bull surrounded by aspiring
More New York
We decided to go to dinner at the infamous Oyster Bar at Grand Central
Station, which was walking distance from our hotel. The iconic Grand
Central Station is well worth visiting on its own.
Our next objective was a Staten Island
Ferry that would give us a close-up view of
the Statue of Liberty.  Our ferry experience
was a bit challenging -- lot's of people and
no place to sit.  But I did manage to get
some decent pictures. On the way I took a
few skyline pictures  

After the ferry, we returned to our hotel by
subway once we dealt with a closed
subway station, a shuttle bus, and ticket
purchase issues.  It's clear now why the
NY subway is the subject of so much
ridicule and criticism.
Hudson River (New Jersey on left)
Brooklyn behind the East River
The next day we rented a car for a two day road trip (about 350
miles) up the Hudson River Valley to Montreal.  Quite a change
from NYC, mostly rural, lots of forests and lakes.  We stopped at
Hyde Park, the long time home of FDR and the site of his
presidency's museum.  The Roosevelt family was very wealthy; the
grounds are extensive and beautifully landscaped.  The museum is
very much worth a visit if only to remind us of the enormous impact
FDR had on reshaping American society.  The great depression
gave him the opportunity to launch a host of entitlement programs
(e.g., social security).
FDR statue in front of his museum
FDR's Home
A tribute to FDR's famous campaign
line: "We have nothing to fear but
fear itself"
We arrived in Montreal on Monday afternoon and
boarded our ship to begin our cruise that evening.

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