Gaspe, a half-day stop
on the way to
Charlottetown, the
capital of Prince
Edward Island, was our
least interesting cruise
destination.  It does
have an impressive
(new) museum that
displays the seagoing
history of the Gulf of
St. Lawrence.
Gaspe And Prince Edward Island(PEI)
Every village has a marina
The Museum
The rocky
precluded dockside
moorings, so we
boarded tenders to
reach the shores.
Charlottetown is famously known as the birthplace of the Canadian
Federation, which established the united dominion of Canada in
1864, combining the formerly independent British colonies.   Once
again, on a cold, sun-free day, we took a "culinary walk" through the
town, stopping at various shops and restaurants to sample local food
and drink
Gaspe is known as the cradle of French America since it was claimed by a
French explorer in 1534.  By the mid-1800s, Gaspe was a busy duty-free port.
Our first stop was a fish market
specializing in lobsters and other
shellfish; we sampled the local oysters.  
Next was a brew pub, where we tasted
the locally crafted beers and enjoyed a
plate full of PEI mussels.  Below is a local
restaurant.  According to our guide, the
majority of the town's real estate and
commercial businesses are still owned by
a small number of founding families who
are extremely wealthy.
A local restaurant
PEI grows a lot of potatoes (who knew?).  A local,
very entrpreneurial woman opened a business to
make and sell chips (aka, french fries) in many
different styles.  We sampled freshly made chips
that were exceptionally delicious, but then they
were hot and we were uncomfortably cold,
NEXT is Halifax, Nova Scotia, one of our
most interesting stops. Or, return